Psychology PhD students receive five-year assistantship offers that provide excellent compensation and benefits. Assistantships provide a full tuition waiver currently valued at approximately $47,000/year as well as stipends with salaries from $19,000-26,000/year depending on the funding source and responsibilities. Stipend rates increase periodically in response to changes in cost of living. Students are responsible for covering required fees (e.g., for on-campus exercise facilities) as well as 50% of health insurance premiums; typically the fees and insurance total about $2,000 annually, comparable to graduate programs at other universities. Assistantships typically require 12-15 hours of teaching or research responsibilities per week. The cost-of-living in New Orleans is modest, and many students live within walking distance of campus.

Additional annual summer support is available in the form of research and teaching awards. Research awards of $3,000 are granted to up to seven students yearly. These grants are intended to help students make progress on their research during the summer. These awards are made possible by our long-time benefactor, Mr. Robert E. Flowerree. The William P. Dunlap Memorial Award supports one additional summer research project that focuses on statistics and psychometrics. Selected students may apply for summer research stipends through extramural research grants. In addition, several teaching assistantships are available during the summer sessions that typically range from $1,500 to $2,800 each.